If You Are Banana Lover Read These 10 Shocking Facts (No.6 Is Very Important)

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Bananas are well-known fruits that are commonly consumed on a regular basis throughout the world. They are abundant in vitamins and minerals and this is where their potent health benefits originate from. In today’s article we decided to share a list with some of the best advantages of making this delicious fruit a part of your daily diet.

The Best Health Benefits of Bananas

  1. As they have dietary fiber they can better the digestion and regulate your bowel movements.
  2. They can help you fight off depression because they are rich in tryptophan which turns into serotonin in the body. Serotonin, as you probably already know, is the hormone of happiness.
  3. Bananas can elevate the energy levels so they are highly recommendable for people who exercise. You should opt for two bananas prior to your workout so that you can perform better.
  4. They have the capacity to avert heart attacks and strokes due to being abundant in potassium and low on sodium.
  5. The richness in vitamin B6 can be the perfect ally in the fight against inflamed joints. This vitamin will also make your nervous system stronger.
  6. You should include them to your diet if you suffer from anemia because they contain a lot of iron which has the ability to make your blood stronger.
  7. If you are a diabetic, make sure you consume bananas because they will keep your blood sugar levels under control.
  8. Bananas will better your brain function since they contain potassium.
  9. This fruit can avert calcium deficiency and better the absorption of calcium and thus, strengthen your bones.
  10. As they better the calcium absorption in the body, bananas can prevent the development of kidney stones.

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